Bible Over Brews, Episode 2, defining the faith through the councils.

Steve, Gumbi, Mike, Kelvin and Aaron “Kru Juice”, talk about the councils and how they define the faith,

The councils,

  • First Council of Nicaea (325) Arianism, Homoousius-Jesus and father are one, developed the Creed, excommunicated the Arians, defined beginning of great lent, determined the time of Easter, discussed how to integrate believers back in from Schism of Meliton, outlined relationship among the diocese,
  • First Council of Constantinople (381) defense of the Holy Spirit, the defense of Jesus human nature, baptism on Trinity confirmed,
  • First Council of Ephesus (431)
  • Council of Chalcedon (451)
  • Second Council of Constantinople (553)
  • Third Council of Constantinople (680–681)
  • Second Council of Nicaea (787)


Council of Niceae


Early Christian history and the councils:

Early & Medieval Church History:


Secular history on the schisms:

Extra History: Early Christian Schisms:


Ant-Nicene writings,


Nicene father’s,


Post Nicene father’s,


Early church writings,


Early church fathers on Christ,


Cold case Christianity,

How the Ante-Nicene Church Fathers Preserved the Eyewitness Gospel Accounts,


Did The Early Church Councils Decide What We Believe About Jesus? (Video),

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